ANSE Summer University 2017


Coaching and supervision in a rapidly changing world
21-25 August 2017, Rotterdam

We live in what seems to be an ever decreasing world. Airports and their surroundings look more and more alike. At the same time, differences close to home seem to get bigger. Talking to a neighbour may feel as if you are speaking to someone from another part of the world. Which may be the case…

Our society is also described as a VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. In this moving world, individuals, organisations and societies feel the need for security.

During this week we explore the implications of the tension between security and mobility for coaching and supervision at individual, team and organisational level.

26-4-17: Already more than 100 registered participants from all over Europe as Ukraine, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Zwitserland, Italy, Austria and of course the Netherlands.

PROGRAMME Summer University

Reasons for attending the Summer University 2017

  • Inspiration from international well known keynotes:Jitske Kramer (NL), Adrienne Goehler (DE), mr. Kaupo Saue (Est) and prof. dr. Hubert Hermans (NL).
  • Active participation in various international workshops
  • A boost for your professional development (4 LVSC PE-points, NOBCO-accreditation 3 PE)
  • Meeting colleagues from all over Europe
  • Establish an ANSE-international intervision group
  • Experience Rotterdam from the inside

The ANSE Summer University 2017 is being organised by the Dutch Association for Supervision and Coaching (LVSC) in partnership with the European Association ANSE and the Master Human & Organisational Behaviour of Rotterdam. The main language during the conference week will be English.

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We look forward to meeting you in Rotterdam in the summer!


Summer University