ANSE Summer University - Moving and being moved (4 PE)

Type: bijeenkomst

During the Summer University, we explore the implications of the field of tension between security and mobility for coaching and supervision on an individual, team and organisational level.

This is a unique event about ‘moving & being moved’ for supervisors and coaches featuring several inspiring international keynote speakers, several workshops and scope for the international intervision groups (IIG) as organised by ANSE.

The main language during the conference week will be English. Detailed information about the programme, (international) keynote speakers and workshop leaders, ‘moving’ excursions in booming Rotterdam can be found on the website

26-4: Already more than 100 participants from all over Europe as Ukraine, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Zwitserland, Italy, Austria and of course the Netherlands.



Hogeschool Rotterdam
Museumpark 40
3015 CX Rotterdam
25 augustus 2017
21 augustus 2017